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Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP)

Waste Reduction Awards Program

CalRecycle has not offered a WRAP awards application since 2011. This program is not being actively implemented, but business may be interested in the following award program:

Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Awards (GEELA). The state's most prestigious environmental achievement award honors individuals, organizations, and businesses in six categories. Applications are submitted on line and winners are announced at an awards ceremony in Sacramento. Established in 1993, the GEELA program is administered by CalEPA in collaboration with the Natural Resources Agency; the Department of Food and Agriculture; the State Transportation Agency; the Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency; the Labor and Workforce Development Agency; the Health and Human Services Agency; and the Governor's Office.

For information about other business awards programs please see:

The Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) was administered by CalRecycle (formerly the California Integrated Waste Management Board) from 1993-2011. WRAP provided an opportunity for California businesses and nonprofit organizations to gain public recognition for their outstanding waste reduction efforts and lets the community know the business takes waste reduction seriously. WRAP evaluated the waste reduction, procurement, and education activities in the internal business practices of the applicant, not its services or products.

Past WRAP Winners

Information on all WRAP winners is available for reference. Thank you for your continued commitment to waste reduction!

Technical Assistance

If you would like to receive technical assistance to green your business, please complete our online request form. CalRecycle also provides more information about greening your business

Last updated: June 22, 2015
Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP)