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Anderson Valley Brewing Company
13 17700 Hwy 253
1f Boonville, CA  95415
540 The Anderson Valley Brewing Company is located in a remote, albeit breathtakingly beautiful part of rural Mendocino County in northern California. As most of its employees are drawn to living here because of the abundant natural resources and spectacular vistas, many feel strongly that protecting the environment and minimizing any negative impact on it is as important as the product they make, and they will apply ecologically sound practices throughout each step of the brewing process. One particularly innovative practice is their effluent system for waste water treatment, a series of ponds through which excess nutrients and other by-products of the brewing process are filtered out, until the water can be used to irrigate and water vegetation growing AVBC's 30 acre property. Another example is the donation of their spent-grain to local livestock ranchers who use it as a nutritionally rich supplement for their animals' feed. They also mix their spent yeast into the grain after first thermally killing any active organisms, adding a proteinaceous ingredient to the feed that has been rendered safe for the livestock. Anderson Valley Brewing Company disposes of at least 30,000 tons of this spent grain per week in this manner that otherwise would be composted and piled up creating an environmental nuisance, if not a hazard.
37 Years Awarded: 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2001, 2000

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25 Anderson Valley Brewing Company
13 17700 Hwy 253
22 Boonville, CA  95415


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