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Public Notice: Coachella Valley Compost - Riverside County

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Type: Revised Solid Waste Facilities Permit
Title: Coachella Valley Compost - Riverside County
Public Notice Date: December 04, 2017

Preliminary review of the permit package indicates the following proposed changes: Change the name from Coachella Valley Compost Facility to Coachella Valley Compost (CVC); increase the permitted maximum tonnage from 250 tons per day (tpd) to 985 tpd, which includes a maximum of 785 tpd of green material, food material and wood, plus up to 200 tpd of construction/demolition and inert (CDI) material; increase the liquid waste from 12,500 gallons per day (gpd) to 55,000 gpd; addition of animal manure to the list of acceptable organic feedstock; increase the total number of daily vehicles from 169 vehicles to 536 vehicles; and relocate and addition of scale/scale house, addition of employee break room.

Contact Name: Emslander, Megan

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