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Greenhouse Gas Reduction Loan Program

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  • Available Funds: $7,250,000 (estimated) as of October 6, 2017
  • Interest Rate: 4.0%
  • For updates, send an email to

The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Loan Program provides funds to support new or expanded organics infrastructure, such as composting and anaerobic digestion facilities, as well as for facilities that manufacture fiber, plastic or glass waste materials into beneficial products. The purpose of this investment is to further the purposes of the California Global Warming Solutions Act (Assembly Bill 32), reduce methane emissions from landfills and further GHG reductions in upstream resource management and manufacturing processes; benefit disadvantaged communities by upgrading existing facilities and, where warranted, establishing new facilities that reduce GHG emissions; result in air and water quality improvements; and create jobs. The funds for the GHG Loan Program are from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund established for California’s Cap-and-Trade Program auction proceeds, and provide an opportunity for the State to invest in projects that help California achieve its climate goals and provide benefits to disadvantaged communities. These investments are collectively referred to as California Climate Investments.

The GHG Loan Program supports Assembly Bill 32 (Statutes of 2006) that requires the Air Resources Board to adopt a statewide greenhouse gas emissions limit equivalent to the statewide greenhouse gas emissions levels in 1990 to be achieved by 2020. The program also assists local jurisdictions in achieving or assuring continued compliance with several mandates:

The GHG Loan Program statutes are located in Public Resources Code sections 42995-42999. The GHG loan criteria for fiscal year (FY) 2015–16 were approved on October 15, 2015.


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  • FY 2014–15
    • Cycle 1C: Closed
    • Cycle 1B: Closed
    • Cycle 1A: Closed

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