California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Databases and Directories

The following listing provides descriptions and links for users to access data maintained by CalRecycle on a wide variety of topics.

You may also be interested in Data Central, a web portal that provides quick access to a variety of CalRecycle and other data sources and tools relating to California’s solid waste stream, waste disposal and recycling facility infrastructure, materials flow, recycling, and much more.

The State of California also maintains a site that links to databases and directories from other State agencies.

Beverage Container Recycling Center Directory
Users can search for beverage container recycling centers near them.
Contact: Public Affairs Office

City/County Annual Payment & Reporting System (CAPRS)
This system allows local governments to apply for payments from the Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act.
Contact: Shamila Tooker

CIWMB Board & Committee Meeting Archives
Allows staff and the public to search records from CIWMB public meetings (through 2009).
Contact: CalRecycle Webmaster

Compost and Mulch Facilities Directory
Users can search by county and/or facility type for producers of compost and mulch in California.
Contact: Diana Rivera

Covered Electronic Waste Payment Information System (CEWIS)
This system allows approved Collectors and Recyclers in the Covered Electronic Waste Payment System to submit their annual net cost reports. System participants who would like to identify business partners or to verify approval status of participants should access the directory of Approved Collectors and Recyclers of Covered Electronic Waste. General public information about reuse and recycling opportunities for unwanted electronic products can be found in the Electronic Product Management Directory.

DORIIS (Division of Recycling Integrated Information System)
This database provides information about the Beverage Container Recycling Program to recyclers, dealers, grantees, beverage manufacturers and distributors, curbside programs, processors, volunteer organizations, and external stakeholders.

Electronic Waste Payment System Participant Directory
Information on the approved participants in California's covered electronic waste (CEW) recovery and recycling payment system. This information is primarily used by CEW collectors and recyclers in the system to identify business partners or to verify approval status. General public information about reuse and recycling opportunities for unwanted electronic products can be found in the Electronic Product Management Directory.

Events Calendar
Provides a listing of upcoming and past events that CalRecycle is hosting or involved with. Users can link to additional detail about the event, as well as to subsets of the calendar organized by topic.
Contact: Public Affairs Office

Facility Information Toolbox (FacIT)
The Facility Information Toolbox (FacIT) is a facility inventory of California's solid waste handling, recycling, and market infrastructure, and a capacity projection model. Users can search for facilities that handle specific materials including plastics, construction and deomolition (C&D) debris, sharps, and medications.

Grant Management System (GMS)
Interested parties can apply for grants on line. The public can search for all grants awarded since the 1990/91 fiscal year by county or statewide. Grantees can use the system to submit payment request and required reports.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Annual Report
Public agencies responsible for household hazardous waste (HHW) management can complete their annual reporting (Form 303) requirement on line, which also fulfills their countywide integrated waste management plan, HHW element reporting requirements.

LoGIC (Local Government Information System)
LoGIC is designed to help California cities and counties easily submit, find, and manage their solid waste disposal and diversion data. It includes disposal reporting (DRS), annual reporting (EAR), and diversion program modules. Additional tools are being added.

Local Government Disposal and Diversion Data
This page links to several data sources (with most data coming from LoGIC--see above) providing information about disposal and diversion at the local level.

Local Government Contacts Directory
Users can search by jurisdiction name or county to find various contacts for the jurisdiction as well as the CalRecycle local assistance contact for that jurisdiction.
Contact: Kim Oakley

Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) Directory
Users can search primary LEA contacts by counties or statewide.
Contact: Diana Cozadd

Mattress Recovery & Recycling Program Annual Report
Mattress renovators, recyclers, and solid waste facilities use this system to report mattress collection and management information by May 1st annually.

Local Government Oil Payment Program (LoGOPP)
This system allows local governments to apply for used oil payment program funding on line, as well as submit their required annual reports on line.

Publications Catalog
This database provides information about all of CalRecycle's available publications. Most are offered on line and/or as downloads.
Contact: Public Affairs Office

Public Notices
Provides a listing of public noticing related to CalRecycle decisions and actions.
Contacts: Monica Rodriguez

Recycled-Content Product Manufacturers Directory
This directory showcases recycled-content products made by California manufacturers who use recycled waste as a feedstock.

Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) Program Reports
Use the RMDZ database to search for businesses that receive or qualify for RMDZ assistance. Both loan and non-loan companies can be searched by RMDZ, city, county, feedstock, end product, and/or business name, and more.
Contact: James La Tanner

Reusable Grocery Bag Reporting System (RGBRS)
This system allows reusable grocery bag producers to submit their proof of certification as required by law.
Contact: Deake Marschall

RMDZ Zone Information Reporting System (ZIRS)
ZIRS allows zone administrators to easily input, find, manage, and submit their zone activities plans, request for incentives, documents, annual reports, and business contact data.

Solid Waste Landfilling Data
Information on tipping fees and tonnage of waste disposed of in California's landfills since 1990.
Contact: Cody Oquendo

Staff Directory
Search CalRecycle staff contact information by name, phone number, and functional assignment.
Contact: CalRecycle Webmaster

SABRC (State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign) Annual Report
This system allows authorized representative of State agencies to submit their annual recycled product purchasing reports online.

State Agency Reporting Center (SARC)
This system allows state agencies and large facilities to submit their annual reports to CalRecycle summarizing yearly progress in meeting the 50 percent waste diversion mandate.

SWIS (Solid Waste Information System): California Waste Facilities, Sites, and Operations Database
Users can search and sort all records in the SWIS database using a variety of criteria, including county, SWIS number, facility type and regulatory status. Detailed information on each site includes location, operator, owner, activities, and waste types.
Contact: Cody Oquendo

Used Oil Certified Centers
Contact and location information for currently certified used oil collection centers can be searched by either city, county, or ZIP code.
Contact: Tracey Cottingim

Waste Characterization Database
Database can be used to estimate the characteristics of the commercial sector and residential sector disposed waste streams for any city in California, and determine which business groupings contribute the most material to the waste stream. Additional pages contain general information such as waste disposal rates for business types and specific waste compositions for certain business types. Also included are single-family and multifamily waste compositions and disposal rates.
Contact: Nancy Carr

WRAP (Waste Reduction Awards Program)
Users can search listings of all WRAP winners from 1993 to 2011 (the last year of the program). Searches can be limited by year, county, or business type. Some listings provide an expanded description or the WRAP participant's activities.

Waste Tire Management System
Users can search through CalRecycle's database for registered waste tire haulers as well as generators and end-use facilities.

WebPass is used to grant authorization for external stakeholders (including other State agencies) to CalRecycle applications. A user needs only one WebPass account (user name and password) for any applications they are authorized to use. Users may create a WebPass, get a password reminder, change their password, and manage their account at this site. Authorization to the various applications must be given by CalRecycle staff.
Contact: CalRecycle Webmaster

Last updated: July 12, 2017
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