California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Integrated Waste Management Disaster Plan

Incorporating guidance on disaster debris management for local governments

The 1997 Integrated Waste Management Disaster Plan established and set forth the California Integrated Waste Management Board's (now CalRecycle) role in the State Emergency Services network, including organizational levels and functions, and describes the principles and methods to be applied by the department in carrying out its particular role during emergency operations. This plan also provides guidance to the disaster preparedness planning efforts of local government.

The table of contents below allows you to go directly to each chapter, chapter summary, or checklist, or to download the chapter in PDF format. You may also download the entire Disaster Plan (except attachments) in PDF format from the Publications Catalog.

Chapter Link Title Link to Chapter
Chapter in .pdf format with checklist Checklist
Chapter 1 Government Coordination Summary PDF Checklist
Chapter 2 Predisaster Assessment Summary PDF Checklist
Chapter 3 Debris Management Programs Summary PDF Checklist
Chapter 4 Temporary Storage Sites Summary PDF Checklist
Chapter 5 Contracts Summary PDF Checklist
Chapter 6 Reimbursement Summary PDF  
Chapter 7 Mutual Aid Summary PDF  
Chapter 8 Curbside Collection Program Summary PDF Checklist
Chapter 9 Building Demolition Program Summary PDF Checklist
Chapter 10 Household Hazardous Waste Program Summary PDF Checklist
Chapter 11 Public Information Program Summary PDF  
Chapter 12 Rebuilding Using Recycled-Content Products Summary PDF  
Chapter 13 Standardized Emergency Management System Summary PDF  
Chapter 14 Emergency and Disaster Declaration Process Summary PDF  
Chapter 15 State Natural Disaster Assistance Act (NDAA) Program Summary PDF  
Chapter 16 Federal Public Assistance Program Summary PDF  
Chapter 17 Case Studies Summary PDF  
Attachments Plan Attachments and References      
Executive Summary        
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