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Project Learning Tree: Municipal Solid Waste Module

Project Learning Tree offers exciting and challenging interdisciplinary, action-oriented activities that focus on the whole environment--land, air, water, and waste. The module's lessons are designed to develop critical-thinking skills and teach students "how" to think about complex environmental issues.

History of Municipal Solid Waste

The Board has recently adopted the Municipal Solid Waste curriculum module, which is provided in partnership with Project Learning Tree (PLT) and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF)

This module contains eight lessons and is designed for educators teaching 6th through 12th grades.  The module focuses on current solid waste dilemmas and helps the students realize that they can create a positive change in their community and environment. Through interesting hands-on activities, students will have the opportunity to learn by using critical thinking and decision making skills.

How Can You Get a Copy?

You can receive a copy of Municipal Solid Waste module at NO COST if you are a 6th to 12th grade teacher and attend one of the Municipal Solid Waste teacher training workshops that are provided throughout the country. 

Teachers participating in a workshop will receive a copy of the Municipal Solid Waste module, correlations to the State standards, and training on how to use the curriculum effectively in their classroom.

View Correlations to the California Content Standards

Six different correlation documents are available that correlate each Municipal Solid Waste lesson to the State's standards by grade level, subject, and activity. You may download or order these documents from our publications catalog.

Correlations to:

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