California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Regulations: Title 27, Environmental Protection--Division 2, Solid Waste

Chapter 7. Special Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Units

Table 1.1 Summary of Requirements for New and Existing Mining Units

Type of Requirement New Units Existing Units Exemptions
Siting (1) Not on Holocene faults;

(2) Outsite of areas of rapid geologic change;

(3) Peak streamflow protection as in Table 1.2

Peak streamflow protection as in Table 1.2, as required by RWQCBs New Units may be sited in areas of rapid geologic change if containment structures designed and constructed to preclude failure.
Construction (1) Liners or maximum natural permeability as in Table 1.2;

(2) Leachate collection and removal system as in Table 1.3;

(3) Precipitation and drainage controls.

Precipitation and drainage controls. (1) No liners or leachate collection and removal systems required for Group C Units.

(2) New waste piles may be exempted from liners and leachate collection and removal systems if it can be demonstrated that leachate will not form or escape — contingency plan required, and additional monitoring may be required.

Monitoring (1) Ground water and surface water;

(2) Unsaturated zone monitoring as feasible.

Closure and Post-Closure Maintenance Closed and maintained in accordance with section 22510.   None

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