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California’s 2005 Statewide Diversion Rate Estimate

Figure 2: Percent Change in Employment By Industry, 1999-2004*

The following is one of three charts provided as part of the analysis of California’s 2004 statewide diversion rate estimate. As explained in this analysis, the increase in disposal was higher than in the prior year. California’s 2004 construction activity growth, and the challenges associated with diverting construction and demolition (C&D) debris, may have significantly contributed to this increase in disposal. Staff analysis shows that there is a relationship between disposal tonnage and construction activity. Figure 1 and Figure 3 are also provided as part of this analysis

For 2004, population was up 1.6 percent and employment was up 1.5 percent. For 2004, taxable sales were up 6.8 percent. A notable driver of California’s 2004 economy, and perhaps its waste generation growth, was construction. Construction activity statewide remained very active and is expected to remain active for the next several years.

Figure 2: Percent Change in Employment by Industry, 1999-2004*

Bar graph tracking changes in employment, by sector, from 1999 through 2004.

*Federal Fiscal Year (October-September)
Source: California Employment Development Department

Since 1999, construction employment has increased by 23 percent, while overall employment has increased by less than 3 percent.

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