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California's 2006 Statewide Diversion Rate Estimate

Figure 1: Employment Percent Change in Employment by Industry, 2005–2006 and 2000–2006*

Note: This page contains historical data used to supplement CIWMB’s statewide goal measurement prior to 2007 that estimated a diversion percentage. For 2007 and subsequent years, CIWMB only compares reported disposal tons to population to find per capita disposal expressed in pounds/person/day. This new goal measurement system is described in CIWMB’s Goal Measurement: 2007 and Later web page.

This is the first of three figures referenced in California's 2006 Statewide Diversion Rate Estimate. The 2006 increase in disposal was less than in the prior year. California's residential construction activity decline in 2006 may have contributed to this slower increase in disposal. Staff analysis shows there is a relationship between disposal tonnage and construction activity. California's construction industry, one of twelve employment sectors, had the second highest employment increase during 2006. While total industry employment for 2006 increased about 1.9 percent, construction employment increased about 5.5 percent.

See Figure 2 for California residential and non-residential building permit valuations since 2000.

See Figure 3 for new housing units permitted each year in California since 2000 and the percent change in new housing units permitted each year since 2000.

Figure 1: Percent Change in Employment by Industry, 2005-2006 and 2000-2006*

A bar graph showing the growth in California employment, by industry sector, between 2005 and 2006.

*Federal Fiscal Year (October-September)
Source: Employment Development Department

Above data presented as a table:
Industry Group Percent (%) Change
2005-2006 2000-2006
Total, All Industries 1.9 4.1
Natural Resources & Mining 6.2 -6.2
Construction 5.5 30.1
Manufacturing -0.8 -18.9
Trade 2.1 5.7
Information -0.6 -15.5
Financial Activities 2.2 16.8
Professional & Business Services 3.4 1.1
Education & Health Services 1.8 15.3
Leisure & Hospitality 2.9 13.6
Other Services -0.1 4.0
Government 1.1 5.9

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