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Rural Cooperatives

  1. Rural Western Nebraska
    Address the selection of a site for and the operation of Rural Landfills. Information about the "Regional Solid Waste Management Plan for the Northern Panhandle of Western Nebraska." Including, options and related estimated costs covering the use of transfer stations, multiple landfill sites, and a single landfill site placed at different locations.
  2. Rural Counties Explore Cooperative Marketing (10/95).
    Article about rural cooperatives.
  3. Solid Waste Management Assistance (Rural Areas):
    1. EPA Regionalization is Working for Rural and Small Communities
    2. Resource Recycling Magazine (2/94)
    3. Resource Recycling Article-Four Small Communities Recover more than 40% of Household Waste (2/94).
    4. National Association of Counties Newsletter (3/95).
    5. Resource Recycling Article-Collecting Rural Recyclables at the Road (3/95).

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