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Diversion Programs System Program Codes Glossary


To view a specific component of the program codes glossary just click on the component heading as shown by the list below.

Program Code Program Type Code Descriptions
3000-CM-RCG Residential Curbside Greenwaste Collection Residential, curbside source separated
Residential, curbside commingled
3010-CM-RSG Residential Self-Haul Greenwaste Self-Hauled to Composting Site
3020-CM-COG Commercial On-Site Greenwaste Pick-Up Commercial Collection Programs
  Street-sweeping debris
On-call Curbside Collection
3030-CM-CSG Commercial Self-Haul Greenwaste Drop-Off
3035-CM-COM Commercial Organics Recycling Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling
3040-CM-FWC Food Waste Composting
Food Waste Composting/Vermicomposting
3050-CM-SCH School Composting On-site Composting by Schools
3060-CM-GOV Government Composting  
3070-CM-OTH Other Composting  

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