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Rural Relief

Public Resources Code (PRC) sections 41787 through 41787.5 outline specific measures which can help rural jurisdictions meet the solid waste diversion requirements of the Integrated Waste Management Act.

PRC section 41787 (a) describes the "Petitions for Rural Reduction," which permit CalRecycle to permanently reduce the 50 percent equivalent per capita disposal target for rural jurisdictions that cannot feasibly divert half their waste.

In order to grant a Petition for Rural Reduction, CalRecycle must determine, based on "substantial evidence in the record," that meeting the 50 percent goal is not feasible.

Substantial evidence in the record typically includes geographic and waste stream criteria, which are discussed in detail in the Petition for Rural Reduction page.

A petition for rural reduction shall be rescinded by CalRecycle if, during the annual review, it determines that the jurisdiction is no longer eligible for the rural reduction. (PRC 41787 (b).)

Jurisdictions who intend to pursue a Petition for Rural Reduction should work closely with their CalRecycle local assistance representative.

The following jurisdictions have an approved petition for rural reduction:

Jurisdictions with an Approved Petition for Rural Reduction
County Jurisdiction Date Granted Approved Diversion Goal
Percentage (%)
Alpine Unincorporated August 1995 25%
Glenn Glenn County Waste Management Regional Agency October 2002 44%
Humboldt Rio Dell February 2003 43%
Inyo Inyo Regional Waste Management Agency July 1999 29%
Modoc Alturas November 1994 16%
Modoc Unincorporated November 1994 13%
Plumas Unincorporated April 1998 39%
Siskiyou Regional Agency October 1997 30%

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