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Successful Rural Diversion Programs

Each rural jurisdiction is unique, but successful diversion programs need not be so. One of the best ways to build a successful diversion program is to borrow a good idea from another jurisdiction and fine tune it to capitalize on your jurisdiction's individual characteristics and waste stream components.

Zero Waste Plans

Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP): WRAP annually recognizes California businesses for outstanding efforts to reduce waste. WRAP has been in existence since 1993. Many of the winning businesses come from rural areas. Search the WRAP database for ideas that show the wide variety of businesses with diversion potential.

Case Studies

The California Integrated Waste Management Board's (now CalRecycle) Innovations Videoconference in March, 2000 produced 24 case studies highlighting successful programs and concepts. Rural Tehama County was among the jurisdictions showcased.

Diversion programs are only part of the equation. A total solution for rural jurisdictions also includes developing and sustaining viable markets for recycled materials.

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