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Food Diversion Summit

This statewide summit held in Sacramento Oct. 22-23, 2002, highlighted a wide variety of speakers and provided attendees an opportunity to discuss the challenges and possible solutions for food diversion efforts.

Listed below are presentations from the summit. Keynote speakers included Frances Moore Lappe, author of 'Diet for a Small Planet" and recently 'Hope's Edge: The New Diet for a Small Planet' and John Dunlap, President and CEO of California Restaurant Association.

Food Waste Management Options

  • Fields to Families. Presenter: Willy Elliott-McCrea, Executive Director, Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties.
  • "Adding Value to Food Scraps through Animal Feed Manufacturing." Presenter: Bill Tomasic, President, Innovative Waste Management. 
  • "Composting Logistics." Presenter: Roger VanderWende, Vice President, Community Recycling and Resource Recovery.

Integrated Approaches to Food Diversion

  • "San Francisco Food Diversion Programs." Presenter: Jack Macy, Commercial Recycling Coordinator, City of San Francisco.
  • Alameda County Food Scraps Recycling. Presenter: Brian Mathews, Program Manager, Alameda County Waste Management Authority.

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