California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Plastic Film Cooperative Recycling Initiative

Kickoff Meeting: January 25, 2006

The CIWMB held a workshop with stakeholders on January 25, 2006 to continue work on the Plastic Film Cooperative Recycling Initiative. Remote participation was made available via webcast and one-way conference call.

To build upon the results from the 2005 plastic film working groups and conference, Board staff proposes to continue with a collaborative process to implement programs and projects statewide to increase the collection and recycling of film plastic. Staff reviewed the findings from the 2005 working groups and provided updates on ongoing film collection projects. The workshop focused on reviewing the proposed project and a discussion of the implementation steps, roles, and responsibilities for participating parties.

Workshop Results
Workshop attendees were asked to participate in an interactive exercise to review proposed projects for increasing plastic film collection and recycling, and to volunteer to help with the implementation of those tasks. Board staff has compiled the results of that effort, and summarized the results in the below spreadsheets.

The spreadsheets detail projects and resources for increasing the collection of agricultural film products (mulch and fumigation film; drip tape; and greenhouses and hoophouses); residential (grocery sacs) and commercial film (merchandise bags, dry cleaning film) products; and transportation packaging (stretch wrap). These spreadsheets will serve as a basis for developing more detailed workplans that will identify subtasks and resources for implementing these proposed projects. Board staff proposes to have the final workplans developed by June, 2006.


1:00-1:05 Welcome & Introductions:  Mike Leaon

Problem Statement: Mike Leaon


Review Film Plastic Working Group Accomplishments: Christine Flowers

  1. Working Group Review
    --Matrix Workplan
    --Residential and Commercial Education Workplan
    --Technical Education Workplan
    --Washing Technology and Agricultural Film Workplan
  2. Current Recycling Projects Update
    Industry Initiatives Presentation
    --Ed Haenni, Hilex Poly
    --Larry Johnson, Chair, Progressive Bag Alliance
    --Mike Leaon, California Integrated Waste Management Board

Discussion of Plastic Film Recycling Cooperative Initiative: Mike Leaon


Work Group Sessions

  1. Agricultural Film
    Handout: Outcomes from 2005 Working Groups
  2. Grocery: Merchandise Bags & Transport Film Plastic
    Handout: Outcomes from 2005 Working Groups
3:15—3:30 Break
3:30—3:50 Presentation of Implementation Strategies by Work Groups
3:50—4:10 Open Discussion
4:10—4:20 Next Steps: Mike Leaon

To get involved, please contact Mike Leaon with the CIWMB.

Last updated: February 21, 2006
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