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Publication NumberTitlePublished On the WebDocument Date
DRRR-2016-01580CalRecycle 2015 Enforcement Report11/22/201611/22/2016
DRRR-2016-01537CalRecycle 2014 Enforcement Report2/12/20168/24/2015
DRRR-2014-01499CalRecycle 2013 Enforcement Report8/11/20148/8/2014
DRRR-2014-01485CalRecycle 2012 Enforcement Report2/5/20141/10/2014
DRRR-2012-00222010 CalRecycle Enforcement Report7/26/20123/1/2012
212-1999-0002Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement Grant Program9/12/201311/1/2010
IWMB-2009-0021How Anaerobic Digestion Fits Current Board Regulatory Structure10/27/200910/26/2009
400-1994-0012California's Waste Tire Challenge4/8/20034/1/2003
124-2002-0001Integrated Waste Management Board Grants Program Compliance With Permitting and Licensing Requirements: Supplemental Report to the Legislature6/27/200512/1/2002
231-2002-0001LEA Advisory #58: Methodology for Determining Compliance with the "Three-Part Test" of Transfer/Processing Facilities and Operations Regulations2/25/20022/1/2002
232-1995-0023LEA Advisory #30: Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) Equipment Loan Program: Guidelines and Procedures9/25/20017/1/2001
251-1997-0003Transfer, Processing, and Material Recovery Facilities5/1/19991/1/2000
251-1996-0002Closing/Closed/Clean Closed and Inactive Sites1/24/20001/1/2000
251-1997-0005Composting Facilities1/24/20001/1/2000
251-1997-0004Transformation Facilities1/24/20001/1/2000
251-1997-0007Proposed Facilties1/24/20001/1/2000
211-1998-0013Solid Waste Site Cleanup Program2/14/20001/1/2000
231-1999-0008Waste Connection, Summer 19998/25/19998/1/1999
540-1999-0006California Waste Tire Program Evaluation and Recommendations: Final Report11/15/19996/1/1999
251-1997-0022Inventory of Solid Waste Facilities Violating State Minimum Standards4/7/19994/1/1999
231-1999-0001LEA Advisory #57: Guidance on Writing a Solid Waste Facility Permit2/17/19992/1/1999
231-1998-0016LEA Advisory #54: 1998 Inspection Guidance for Solid Waste Landfills11/5/199810/1/1998
231-1998-0018LEA Advisory #55: Alternative Frequencies for Daily Cover and Explosive Gas Monitoring for Small Municipal Solid Waste Landfills11/18/199810/1/1998
231-1998-0019LEA Advisory #56: Process for Evaluating and Remediating Burn Dump Sites12/1/199810/1/1998
231-1998-0014LEA Advisory #53: Impact of AB 1220 on Solid Waste Facility Permit Conditions8/24/19988/1/1998
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