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Publication NumberTitlePublished On the WebDocument Date
DRRR-2011-0002Tire-Derived Rubber Flooring Chemical Emissions Study: Laboratory Study Report1/25/20111/25/2011
433-2003-0024Rebuilding Green11/13/20037/1/2007
431-2006-0016Health Concerns and Environmental Issues with PVC-Containing Building Materials in Green Buildings: Review of Current Practices and Trends in the Use, Recycling, and Disposal of PVC-Containing Building Materials10/18/200610/1/2006
433-2005-0005Green Homes for the Modern Family7/27/20053/1/2005
433-2005-0009Sustainable Building Activities Update7/27/20053/1/2005
433-2004-0011Heroes High Performance Demonstration School11/8/200411/1/2004
433-2004-0008Designing Building Products Made With Recycled Tires6/30/20046/1/2004
433-2004-0004Building and Buying Green in Indian Country: A Practical Guide for California Tribes9/24/20045/1/2004
433-2003-0023The Capitol Area East End Office Complex: A Case for Construction and Demolition Waste Diversion12/19/200312/1/2003
433-2003-0015Building Material Emissions Study11/17/200311/1/2003
DRRR-2018-01634Building Better Buildings: An Update on State Sustainable Building Initiatives6/19/201810/1/2003
433-2003-0016Truckee Middle School: A CHPS High Performance Demonstration School8/4/20038/1/2003
433-2003-0017Bamboo Flooring9/14/20038/1/2003
433-2002-0022Capitol Area East End Office Complex: A New California Standard9/4/20029/1/2002
DRRR-2018-01633Building Better Buildings: A Blueprint for Sustainable State Facilities6/19/201812/1/2001
433-2001-0027Deconstruction Training Manual: Waste Management Reuse and Recycling at Mather Field7/20/20017/1/2001
431-1999-0009Designing With Vision: A Technical Manual for Material Choices in Sustainable Construction4/20/19997/1/2000
400-1999-0014Green Building Basics4/1/20004/1/2000
422-1996-0044Waste Management Authority Doesn`t Just Talk Trash, It Builds With It11/20/199611/1/1996
422-1996-0046Waste Management's 'Future' is at the Box Office: Eco-Building Recycles Old Movies, Cuts Costs by 12 Percent11/20/199611/1/1996
422-1996-0057Environmental Showcase Home Greens the Desert and Saves 'Green' with a $30/Month Energy Bill11/20/199611/1/1996
422-1996-0043Gas Company Recycles Itself and Pilots Energy-Efficient, Recycled Product Showcase12/9/199610/1/1996
422-1996-0054Real Goods Trading Corp. Builds a Really Good Showroom for Trend-Setting Eco-Design11/20/19969/1/1996
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