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  • (NP) EXTRAs! for Education—Adopt a School Program
    Since 1998, this program has provided over one million dollars in educational resources to over 200 schools and nonprofit organizations. For information on schools or nonprofit organizations wishing to receive resources or to schedule an affordable pickup and delivery of your reusable items, please contact (303) 823-9460. Please note you must be within the geographical boundaries of the St. Vrain Valley and Boulder Valley school districts in the State of Colorado.
  • (NP) L.A. SHARES
    Materials reuse program that accepts donated materials from the local business community. See Profiles for more information.
  • (NP) reDiscover
    Promotes creative problem-solving and environmental awareness in preschool and elementary education through recycling cast-off materials into children's learning tools. This community resource center offers shopping days at its facility, field trips for elementary school children, and teacher training workshops.
  • (NP) Resource Area for Teachers (RAFT)
    Collects surplus business items from computers to packing materials and trains teachers to use these materials in the classroom to enhance their programs including math, science, art, and technology. See Profiles for more information.
  • (NP) School on Wheels, Inc.
    Accepts donations of school supplies including backpacks, three-hole loose leaf paper, pencils, pens, children's and teen's books, printer paper, etc.
  • Trash for Teaching
    Collects, stores, and sorts enormous amounts of clean, cast-off materials from manufacturing processes. Works with school districts to develop guidelines utilizing these materials in conjunction with current standards-based curricula, and delivers the materials and guidelines directly to schools for teachers to introduce in classroom projects.

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