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The following listing of reuse stores is sorted by county and uses the following key:

  • Government organizations are indicated by (GOV) .
  • Nonprofit organizations are indicated by (NP) .

We also have the same list sorted alphabetically.




El Dorado

Los Angeles

181 Avenue 21
Los Angeles, California 90031
Phone: (323) 222-6069

  • (NP) Habitat for Humanity ReStore, San Gabriel Valley
    Accepts and sells new and gently used construction items such as pallets of lumber, flooring, drywall, shear walls, brick and stone, rebar, nails and screws, hand and power tools, ladders, heavy-duty vacuums and brooms, storage sheds, windows and doors, floor joists, etc.



  • (NP) Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Orange County
    A building materials reuse center which accepts new and used building materials and resells them to the public at pennies on the dollar. All proceeds and/or materials are used to help support Habitat for Humanity and the homes they build. See Profiles for more information.


  • (NP) Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Riverside
    Accepts donations of used building materials; the usual recipients of the materials are the public. The materials that are unable to be sold, donated, or reused through the ReStore are recycled. See Profiles for more information.


San Diego

  • (NP) San Diego, Habitat for Humanity
    A building materials thrift store whose proceeds are used to fund the construction of more Habitat homes in San Diego County. Their 24,000 square foot warehouse is a flourishing hub of building materials reuse and exchange. Because all the materials have been donated by local contractors, manufacturers, and individuals, merchandise is sold to the public at 50-90 percent below the lowest retail prices. See Profiles for more information.

San Joaquin

San Luis Obispo

Santa Barbara

  • Art From Scrap
    Donated materials at Art From Scrap are reused by students to make art projects during a waste reduction field trip(s) and by the community when they participate in AFS and other community art workshops.
  • (NP) Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Northern Santa Barbara County, Inc.
    Sells used and new building materials (e.g., windows, doors, flooring, newer small appliances, etc.) as they receive donations from individuals, contractors, and retailers.

Santa Cruz





  • University of California, Aggie Surplus
    Aggie Surplus returns into circulation equipment, furniture, and supplies that are no longer used in UC Davis Campus and Medical Center departments. Items are made available to the public if they are not picked up by others in the university.

Statewide/International Organizations

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