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American Textile & Supply, Inc./Peerless Material Company


American Textile & Supply, Inc./Peerless Material Company recycles post consumer and post industrial textile waste, primarily for re-purposing into wiping materials for the industrial, commercial and retail markets.


In May 2002, American Textile Supply, Inc. (founded in 1971) and Peerless Materials Company (founded in 1967) joined forces to increase market exposure and complement each other's strengths.

Both companies started as processors of reclaimed textiles, including the export of clothing for re-use in developing countries. Our main business is still the manufacturing and distributing of wiping materials.

Today these companies have expanded into other markets and products. With a full line of recycled wipers and absorbents, they deal in all types of wiping materials: rags, new and reclaimed; non-woven and paper wipers; toweling and other specialty textiles. They also specialize in all absorbents, boom, spill kits, spill response, storm water management and environmental and secondary containment products.


American Textile & Supply, Inc./Peerless Material Company operate businesses in two major markets, one in Northern California and the other in Southern California. These locations are significant for collecting textile waste from these major population centers, proximity to transportation hubs, and for the marketing of various products.

Materials Accepted Source of Materials Collection Services Geographic
Service Area
Any textile waste, woven and non-woven, pre- and post-consumer. Collection centers, charities, industrial textile processors, and commercial laundries. Maintain own fleet of trucks for much of the collection. Two locations, both near major ports and highways, to effectively serve California, the Western U.S., and national and international markets.

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