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BRING Recycling is an Oregon nonprofit corporation. BRING works to create a healthy and sustainable environment. Through education and innovative waste reduction, reuse, and recycling programs, they involve their community in conserving natural resources.


BRING was incorporated in 1971 when it introduced recycling to Eugene. Reuse was part of their program from the get-go. Jars and bottles deemed too good for the crusher were made available to the public for reuse. Because their reuse facility is outdoors, they began to specialize in building materials and other durable goods that are impervious to the elements. They organized a deconstruction crew and began dismantling buildings in 1996. This activity won the Association of Oregon Recyclers' Reuse and Waste Prevention Award the following year. They currently divert nearly one million pounds of material through this program.


BRING is a many-splendored thing. Under contract with Lane County they provide Three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) education and process recyclables at the Glenwood Central Receiving Station (a.k.a., the Glenwood Dump). They run a used building materials yard and offer deconstruction services. They operate several recycling drop sites within Eugene proper. They publish a quarterly newsletter called "Used News" and a recycling art calendar that features drawings by area grade-schoolers. Their "Recycling Hot Line" answers about 300 recycling and reuse questions each month. They organize event recycling and spearheaded making the Oregon County Fair a zero-waste event. Their staff has compiled and distributes "Reuse Recipes" that show how used building and other materials can be used to make practical items for the home and garden. They consult with businesses on waste reduction, speak about the Three Rs to citizens, serve on panels, and advocate for the adoption of sustainable technologies by government, business, and individuals.

Materials Accepted Source of Materials Collection Services Geographic
Service Area
Reusable building materials, lumber, pane glass, doors and windows, plumbing and electrical fixtures, tools, vehicles and parts, and other durable goods including bikes, lawnmowers, sports equipment, furniture, some appliances, etc. BRING has fairly liberal acceptance policies because their mission is to keep materials out of the landfill by giving it one last chance. Most items are donated to BRING by individuals, businesses, and government agencies. Some materials are harvested via their deconstruction operation. BRING will pick up items if their value is sufficient to justify the expense. Otherwise, they accept donations at their place of business and at their station at the Glenwood Dump. Trailers are available for leaving at job sites. BRING primarily serves Lane County.

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