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Last Chance Mercantile


The Monterey Regional Waste Management District was named the "Best Integrated Solid Waste Management System in North America" in 1998 because of their extensive reuse and recycling programs, including the Last Chance Mercantile (LCM) Company.


Since 1991, the Monterey Regional Waste Management District in Marina, California, has been distributing surplus and salvage materials to the general public. Originally, materials were redistributed at a "quasi-flea market" at the landfill; later this process developed into an auction held monthly for the more sought-after materials, and finally developed into a weekly sale of all materials. As the demand for the salvaged materials increased, the materials were moved into an old storage facility and yard located on site. This move created LCM. LCM increased its hours of operation as the demand for the facility rose and sales increased. A new, 5,000 square foot facility was built in 1996 that enables people to donate materials prior to disposing of their waste and paying to do so. Since the building's inception, the facility now operates six days a week.

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Service Area
Reusable items can be dropped-off during the hours of operation. If you have reusable items leftovers from your garage sale or a church bazaar, please bring those, too. Please call ahead of time if in doubt of what you may donate. Receipts which may be deductible are now available. You do not need to be a District resident or business to donate or shop at the Last Chance Mercantile. Monterey County businesses and residents. None. The District's service area is the Coastal Monterey County (853 square miles).

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