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Government organizations are indicated by (GOV)

Nonprofit organizations are indicated by (NP)

  • (NP) Art From Scrap
    An arts and crafts materials reuse store, environmental education organization, and arts program. See Profiles for more information.
  • (NP) Arts & Scraps
    Supports creativity in schools, organizations, and families with reused industrial scraps as inexpensive art materials and educational opportunities. The center is open to the public and is a place where children and agencies can shop for reused scraps for creative projects and obtain inexpensive art provisions and kits. $5.50 will purchase a grocery bag full of adhesive foam pieces, colorful paper, fabric, mat board, yarn, and paper confetti. Items are also available in the single price area. Birthday parties and group workshops are welcome. Accepts a wide variety of scrap materials from businesses and individuals; materials may be delivered or mailed. See Profiles for more information.
  • (NP) East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse
    Promotes solid waste diversion and resource conservation by collecting and redistributing reusable materials for education, arts and crafts, and many other creative projects. See Profiles for more information.
  • (NP) Generation Green's Dumpster Diversion Project
    Accepts unwanted materials from the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors for their reused art project and classes. Offers classes, workshops, exhibits, and presentations on creative reuse, recycling, and the environment to school districts, park and recreation centers, teen centers, corporate picnics, community events, or any other groups.
  • (NP) The Imagination Factory
    This website teaches children creative ways to make art from discarded materials.
  • Lizland
    Creates and sells works of art almost entirely from reused materials including wooden foundry patterns, circuit boards, electronic parts, miscellaneous wood and metal objects, etc. Accepts materials from electronic surplus stores, thrift shops, scrap yards, garage sales, people with unwanted materials, etc.
  • (NP) Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts (MECCA)
    Provides affordable arts education to the Lane County community through hands-on opportunities for creative reuse and artistic expression. See Profiles for more information.
  • (NP) Materials for the Arts
    Provides over 2,700 arts programs with the materials they need to prosper and endure. They gather materials from companies that no longer need them, and distribute them to artists and educators that do. In the process, they remove hundreds of tons from the New York City sanitation system.
  • (GOV) Materials for the Arts Program
    Accepts craft/school type art supplies (e.g., crayons, construction paper, markers, pencils, fabric, buttons, clay, etc.), plant seeds, bird seeds, gardening supplies (e.g., potting soil, bird seed, etc.), scrap lumber, plexi-glass in usable sizes, small tools, wallpaper or old wallpaper books, miss-cut keys, etc. Cannot accept clothing, furniture, or other large items. Donations support local schools and social service agencies. See Profiles for more information.
  • (NP) reCREATE Eco-Art Center
    Working with regional businesses to collect unbelievably cool, useful, but unwanted items, we use these treasures to encourage creative reuse, teach and celebrate hand-crafted art.
  • (NP) reDiscover
    Promotes creative problem-solving and environmental awareness in preschool and elementary education through recycling cast-off materials into children's learning tools. This community resource center offers shopping days at its facility, field trips for elementary school children, and teacher training workshops.
  • (NP) SCRAP

  • (NP) The Scrap Exchange
    Collects clean, reusable, industrial discards for creative reuse. See Profiles for more information.
  • (NP) Scroungers' Center for Reusable Art Parts (SCRAP)
    Serves as a conduit for unwanted materials by collecting from businesses and individuals materials that would otherwise be discarded, and distributing them to art and educational groups. See Profiles for more information.
    Artist who accepts broken dishes, old warped wood, broken mirrors, pieces of stained glass, end pieces of tile, etc.
  • (NP) Student Creative Recycle Art Program (S.C.R.A.P.) Gallery
    Promotes conservation and reuse through hands-on exploration with discarded materials. The materials accepted from businesses and manufacturers are available for reuse by teachers, artists, and community programs. See Profiles for more information.
  • Trash for Teaching
    Collects, stores, and sorts enormous amounts of clean, cast-off materials from manufacturing processes. Works with school districts to develop guidelines utilizing these materials in conjunction with current standards-based curricula, and delivers the materials and guidelines directly to schools for teachers to introduce in classroom projects.

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