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Medical Supplies

Government organizations on this page are indicated by (GOV) and nonprofit organizations are indicated by (NP).

Organizations that Accept Donations of Medical Supplies

  • (NP) Direct Relief International
    A nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization that provides essential material resources to locally run health programs in poor areas around the world.
  • eScrap, Inc. (Recycler)
    Reuses computers, printers, terminals, medical equipment, and telecommunication hardware.
  • (NP) IndependenceFirst Mobility Store
    Collects, refurbishes, and sells wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, and other used mobility and medical equipment in Wisconsin.
  • (NP) MedShare
    Provides reusable, surplus medical supplies and equipment for use by healthcare institutions in developing countries.
  • (NP) Northwest Medical Teams International
    Humanitarian aid organization working to reduce suffering around the world and in the Pacific Northwest.
  • (NP) Operation Smile
    Repairs childhood facial deformities throughout the world. 6435 Tidewater Drive
  • (NP) Vida
    Distributes medical equipment and supplies Mexico and several Central and South American countries.
  • (NP) World Vision
    Accepts only large volumes of gift-in-kind product from corporations and private donors.
    ReCARES is collecting, redistributing and encouraging reuse. Three Bay Area sites collect and redistribute donations of clean, gently used medical equipment and unused home health care supplies each week.

Reusable Sharps Containers

Reuse of Single-Use Devices

Other Resources

  • Health Care Industry Waste Reduction and Recycling program assists health care facilities in the development of cost-effective measures to reduce, reuse, recycle and buy recycled.
  • Remedy
    Offers an in-service program to explain how to collect and distribute excess supplies within the operating room suite. This organization does not accept donations.

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