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Mannequin Madness

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Mannequin Madness accepts, rents, and sells new and used (even damaged) mannequins.


Judi Henderson's unique business began when she noticed an advertisement of a mannequin for sale and considered purchasing one for a garden art project. Upon visiting the seller, she was overwhelmed to see his collection of over 50 mannequins. The seller informed her that as a former window dresser, his hobby of collecting mannequins had evolved into a mannequin rental business. When he mentioned that he was moving and closing the business, Henderson knew that with her prior job experiences and Internet marketing skills she developed at a dot-com, she could make this business work. Henderson decided to purchase the entire inventory and started Mannequin Madness.

belladonna mannequinOperations

Henderson operates the business on a full-time basis with assistance from her boyfriend, Jay Townsend. When they were only renting mannequins, business was slow. However, once they began selling mannequins they purchased from department stores, their revenues increased five-fold and they attracted a loyal following of buyers who appreciated their bargain prices and central location.

The basement of Henderson's home, a 1908 former Panamanian consulate, serves as a "mannequin showroom." While this keeps their overhead low, she admits customers sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable when they first enter the basement and see so many sets of eye peering at them—not to mention the fact that some of the mannequins are headless!

Mannequin Madness hires many independent contractors--haulers, carpenters, graphic designers, bookkeepers, etc.--to assist in its operations. They do all of their own packing, as their client demand requires out-of-state shipments, causing their shipping costs to be quite expensive. Townsend is the President of Shipping Operations at Mannequin Madness.

Materials Accepted Source of Materials Collection Services Geographic
Service Area
New and used (even damaged) mannequins, and styrofoam peanuts. Large and small retail outlets, department stores, individuals, etc. Will pickup mannequins and styrofoam peanuts in Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco. Call for details. Call for details.

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