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USAgain is a for-profit company that collects unwanted textiles and resells them in the U.S. and abroad, effectively diverting millions of pounds of clothing from landfills, generating new revenue streams for U.S. businesses and non-profits, and fueling local economies in emerging countries.


USAgain was founded in 1999 and operates over 10,000 collection bins in 17 states. In 2011 alone, they collected over 60 million pounds of discarded clothing. Headquartered in Chicago, they employ more than 220 full-time employees.


USAgain stations collection bins at locations around major US cities. Instead of throwing away unwanted clothes, consumers drop them off in their convenient bins, knowing they will be diverted from landfills to be re-worn, reused or recycled. The nearly one million pounds of clothing collected per week is then purchased by wholesale buyers, thrift store chains and textile recyclers.

Materials Accepted Source of Materials Collection Services Geographic
Service Area
Used clothes, shoes and household textiles of good quality, that are ready to be re-worn and reused. Household textiles include tablecloths, towels, bedding, blankets, bedspreads, etc. USAgain provides a variety of convenient collection options (e.g., collection bins, assisted clothing drop, curbside collection, collection drives) and we wholesale the material to second hand shops, grading companies and wholesalers at home and abroad. USAgain partners with organizations of all types and sizes–from the largest store chains to the smallest locally owned businesses, from schools to churches, from nationwide property management companies to local municipal recycling stations–all to bring textile recycling convenience to their communities. USAgain stations collection bins at locations in the San Francisco Bay area and Southern California. For the location of a drop box near you go to

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