California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 
State Agency Waste Management

Sample Kickoff Memo for Recycling Program


We will be starting an office paper recycling program to recover (list types of paper to be recovered). The program will take only a few minutes of your time each week and will require only minor changes in your work habits. Your participation in this program is necessary for its success.

At the orientation session on (date of session) at (time) in (location), (program coordinator's name) will explain the details of the program to you and provide you with containers for storing the paper to be recycled. By taking an active part in this program, you will help accomplish our goals of reducing waste and conserving valuable natural resources not only for our department but for our community as well. Waste paper (white ledger and computer paper, colored paper, newspaper, paper bags, paper board, and cardboard packaging) makes up as much as 41 percent of our nation's solid waste. One ton of recovered paper saves over three cubic yards of landfill space. Besides helping conserve landfill space, our program will help conserve natural resources.

You will receive a desktop container for your daily recyclable paper. Once your desktop container is full, please empty it in the centrally located metal white and red intermediate container.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this worthwhile endeavor. If your have questions or would like to assist in the program, call (program coordinator) at extension (XXXX).

Last updated: May 14, 2013
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