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This page includes definitions of terms used in the Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) database. You can view site, inspection or enforcement definitions only by following the appropriate link, or you can view all of these definitions by selecting "All Data Definitions."

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Item Name Item Description
EA Enforcement Agency. Automatically assigned by the computer.
EA Enforcement Agency. Automatically assigned by the computer.
EA Action # EA’s may have their own internal action number, normally stated on the front page of an enforcement action.
Elevation Permitted maximum height of landfill. [Mean sea level (msl), above ground level [agl] or below ground level (bgl)]
Emergency Construction and Demolition/Inert Debris Processing Operation A site that is established due to a proclamation of a state of emergency or local emergency as provided in CCR, Title 14, Division 7, Chapter 3.0, Article 3, sections 17210.1(j) and (k).
Emergency Transfer/Processing Operation Means an operation that is established because there has been a proclamation of a state of emergency or local emergency as provided in 14 CCR 17210.1(j) and (k) and which meets all of the requirements specified in 14 CCR 17402(a)(6).
Enforcement Action An official and formal action of an enforcement agency to mitigate a potential threat to human health and the environment caused by the mismanagement of solid waste.
Enforcement Action Type An Enforcement Action that indicates its legal nature. Types of enforcement actions include: Notice and Order, Notice of Intent to List, Administrative Hearing, Cleanup and Abatement Order, Criminal Complaint, Listed, etc..
Enforcement Action Type Defines type of enforcement action taken. See drop down box: "Administrative Hearing" (Tires): "Cleanup and Abatement Order" (Tires); "Criminal Complaint (Tires)" " Listed" (Those facilities that have been identified on the Inventory of Facilities Violating State Minimum Standards. The Board is required to publish this Inventory by statute. (30 PRC § 44104); "Notice and Order" (An order issued by the EA in accordance with 14 CCR § 18304. An order generally requires the operator to do something by a certain time or face civil or administrative penalities or subject the permit to be suspended revoked or cease operations. ); "Notice of Intent to List" (A enforcement action which gives the operator of a solid waste facility 90-days to correct or face placement on the Inventory of Facilities Violating State Minimum Standards); "Notice of Violation" (Financial Assurances); "Stipulated Notice and Order" (An order issued by the EA in accordance with 14 CCR § 18304. This order is generally signed by the solid waste facility operator.). Stipulated Agreements (An enforceable document issued by the LEA pursuant to 14 CCR 17211 et seq)
Enforcement Agency (EA) The entity responsible for enforcing solid waste handling laws and regulations in a particular jurisdiction in the state. EA usually refers to the CIWMB acting where there is no Local Enforcement Agency (PRC 40130).
Engineered Municipal Solid Waste Conversion "Engineered municipal solid waste conversion" or "EMSW conversion" means the conversion of solid waste through a process that meets all of the following requirements: (1) The waste to be converted is beneficial and effective in that it replaces or supplements the use of fossil fuels; (2) The waste to be converted, the resulting ash, and any other products of conversion do not meet the criteria or guidelines for the identification of a hazardous waste adopted by the Department of Toxic Substances Control pursuant to Section 25141 of the Health and Safety Code; (3) The conversion is efficient and maximizes the net calorific value and burn rate of the waste; (4) The waste to be converted contains less than 25 percent moisture and less than 25 percent noncombustible waste; (5) The waste received at the facility for conversion is handled in compliance with the requirements for the handling of solid waste imposed pursuant to this division, and no more than a seven-day supply of that waste, based on the throughput capacity of the operation or facility, is stored at the facility at any one time; (6) No more than 500 tons per day of waste is converted at the facility where the operation takes place; (7) The waste has an energy content equal to, or greater than, 5,000 BTU per pound; and (8) The waste to be converted is mechanically processed at a transfer or processing station to reduce the fraction of chlorinated plastics and materials (PRC 40131.2). See also: Activity
Entry Date First date this screen was created.
Entry Date First date this screen was created.
Excluded For the purposes of this document, an excluded "waste tire location" is a waste tire site that does not meet the definition of a major or minor waste tire facility yet does meet the definitions for exclusion as set forth in 14 CCR 18420. Additionally, this term may apply to Processing and Transfer Stations pursuant to PRC 40200(b)(1-3). See also: Regulatory Status. For the definition of an excluded "solid waste operation, location or facility" see "Tier", below.
Exempt After a public hearing the enforcement agency may grant an exemption from the requirement that a solid waste facility obtain a permit. Such an exemption may be granted if the facility falls within one of the classifications [14 CCR 18215(b)/27 CCR 21565] which may be exempted and all of the following findings are made: (1) The exemption is not against the public interest. (2) The quantity of solid waste is insignificant. (3) The nature of the solid wastes poses no significant threat to health, safety, or the environment. (14 CCR 18215) For landfills/disposal sites see 27 CCR 21565 and for others see PRC 42823.5(a) or PRC 42831(a) and (b). See also: Regulatory Status.
External Latitude/longitude information provided by a source external to the Board. Longitude/latitude confidence indicator.

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Last updated: Data updated continuously.
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