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Facility/Site Summary Details Definitions (Data Dictionary)

This page includes definitions of terms used in the Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) database. You can view site, inspection or enforcement definitions only by following the appropriate link, or you can view all of these definitions by selecting "All Data Definitions."

Data Dictionary: All Data Definitions

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Item Name Item Description
Received on Date the Board received a copy of the inspection report from the LEA.; or the date the Board staff mails their 18-month or pre-permit inspection report to the EA/Operator.
Regulation/Statute Section number and name of the regulation or statute derived from 14 CCR or 27 CCR or 30 PRC.
Regulation/Statute Section number and name of the regulation or statute derived from 14 CCR or 27 CCR or 30 PRC.
Regulatory Status The state of a particular waste handling facility, operation or site with respect to the requirements that the waste handling activities are to be conducted under the terms and conditions of a permit, closure plan, never been required to have a permit, or currently not required to have a permit. Statuses include: Proposed, Permitted, Unpermitted, Exempt, Suspended, Revoked, Surrendered, Pre-Regulations, Excluded, Notification, Not Currently Regulated, To Be Determined.
Remaining Capacity Most current estimated remaining volumetric capacity (landfills only) as reported to the Financial Assurances Branch annually by owner/operator of the facility or the most current remaining capacity information from a new or revised permit or closure plan or permit Application information CIWMB form E-77 (Rev. 8-04). Includes the date of the most current documentation containing remaining capacity information. The form can be found at
Required Action Action specifically asked of the operator by the EA/CIWMB.
Required Compliance For a Notice of Intent to List it would be 90-days from the date the operator receives a letter from the Board. For all other enforcement actions, it would be the date the EA sets in their enforcement order.
Required Compliance Date Each enforcement action record may have one or more statutory or regulatory section number(s) cited for compliance. There may be one or more required compliance dates. As the actual compliance date(s) are reported and input into the data base for each section cited, the scheduled compliance date will be changed to the next (chronological) required compliance date.
Research In-Vessel Digestion Operation An in-vessel digestion operation that is operated for the purpose of gathering research information on in-vessel digestion.
Revoked Permit has been taken back (nullified) by the enforcement agency. The enforcement agency may suspend, revise, or revoke any permit pursuant to Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 44300) (PRC 44013). If a permit has been revoked, it may be reinstated by application, no less than one year after the effective date of the revocation and no less than one year after any similar application. See also: Regulatory Status.
RFI Date This is the date of the most current Report of Facility Information. Two digits representing the month and four digits representing the year must be enetered. See also: site/unit specifications.

Last updated: Data updated continuously.

Last updated: Data updated continuously.
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