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This page includes definitions of terms used in the Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) database. You can view site, inspection or enforcement definitions only by following the appropriate link, or you can view all of these definitions by selecting "All Data Definitions."

Data Dictionary: Inspection

Item Name Item Description
Inspection (P&I)
Area of Concern (A) Is a determination made during an inspection or other site visit, where in the judgment of the inspector conditions and/or records and/or operations at a site are of such a state as to be approaching non-compliance. The conditions do not yet warrant a violation, but are brought to the operator/owners attention to indicate that further lack of compliance could be called a violation at subsequent inspections.
Board Received Date Date the permit review application is received by the CIWMB.
CIWMB Closed Site (Inspection Program) Inspections conducted by the CIWMB at closed sites.
CIWMB Enforcement Agency (Inspection Program) An inspection conducted by the CIWMB while acting as the enforcement agency.
CIWMB Focused (Inspection Program) An inspection by the CIWMB that is not routine such as a follow-up or pre-permit inspection.
CIWMB Periodic (Inspection Program) A routine inspection by the CIWMB. Landfills are mandated to be inspected every 18-months by the State.
Comments Any additional comments that Board staff want to add.
EA Enforcement Agency. Automatically assigned by the computer.
Entry Date First date this screen was created.
Inspection Date Date the inspection was completed.
Inspection Finding Type Inspector's determination of whether an activity is a violation or an area of concern. Violation = The operator violates a regulation or statute. Area of Concern: = The EA has a concern, however a "violation" is not warranted.
Inspection Program Identifies the type of inspection conducted. Program types include: CIWMB Enforcement Agency, CIWMB Focused, CIWMB Periodic, CIWMB Closed Site, LEA Focused, LEA Periodic.
Last Change Last date any changes were made to this screen.
LEA Focused (Inspection Program) An inspection by the LEA that is not routine. Includes, but is not limited to, pre-permit or follow-up inspections.
LEA Periodic (Inspection Program) Any routine monthly, quarterly, etc. inspection by the LEA.
Place The nearest city, town, or locality from which a waste handling facility or site can be located. Places have characteristics of Place Type, latitude and longitude. All places are associated with a particular solid waste Enforcement Agency.
Received on Date the Board received a copy of the inspection report from the LEA.; or the date the Board staff mails their 18-month or pre-permit inspection report to the EA/Operator.
Regulation/Statute Section number and name of the regulation or statute derived from 14 CCR or 27 CCR or 30 PRC.
SWIS # A unique identification number assigned to a specific facility, site or operation. It comprises eight characters and is divided into three parts having the form "XX-YY-ZZZZ". The first two characters are numbers that represent the County in which the facility is located. The second two are alpha characters and is a code used by a particular LEA or Board Program. The last four characters are numbers generated by the database.
Unit # A unit number is an arbitrary but unique number assigned to a unit for a specific facility.
User Name of person last made change to this screen.
Violation (V) Is a determination made during an inspection or other site visit, where the site is found not to be in compliance with applicable statutes and/or regulations and/or the terms and conditions of the solid waste facilities permit or enforcement agency notification, etc.

Last updated: Data updated continuously.

Last updated: Data updated continuously.
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