California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Used Oil Recycling Program

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Required Certified Collection Center Signs

CalRecycle-approved signage is required at all Certified Collection Centers (CCC).

Public Resources Code section 48660(b)(4) states "...All certified used oil collection centers shall display a certification sign provided by CalRecycle. The sign shall include the following information: State of California Certified; the certification sign must be posted in a location easily readable from a public street. The sign may be posted in a different location if requested in writing and approved in writing by CalRecycle; ..."

The certification sign shall not be displayed by any person, company, or other entity not approved for certification by CalRecycle. These signs are the property of the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). 

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18" x 24" Combo Oil Drop & Filter Sign Static Cling (English)

Static Cling (Spanish)

Styrene (English)

Styrene (Spanish)

18" x 24" Symbolic Sign Aluminum (English)

Styrene (English)

Styrene (Spanish)

Static Cling (English)

Static Cling (Spanish)


9” x 11” Stop/Alto Sticker
(for oil tank placement)
Sticker (English)

Sticker (Spanish)

18” x 24” Stop! It’s Illegal to Abandon Used Oil Sign Aluminum (English)

Aluminum (Spanish)

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