When the California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act was implemented in 1987, no one dreamed it would become so successful. In 21 years, the Beverage Container Recycling Program has grown from a small program run by seven people to a statewide program with more than 200 employees overseeing a system of 2,000 recycling centers, 3,000 beverage manufacturers and distributors, and 500 curbside pickup services. The program helps Californians recycle more than 70 percent of all the CRV beverage containers sold in the entire state. Our goal is to reach an 80 percent recycling rate of all CRV containers sold in California and DORIIS will help us achieve this.

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds since 1987. We knew one day we would have to adopt the most current technology so our program could meet stakeholder needs. We have worked for several years to prepare for the DORIIS Project by mapping all of our business processes, consolidating our data, automating multiple reporting processes, and streamlining our methods. In June 2007, we hired a contractor to design, configure, and implement DORIIS, utilizing a strong integrated technical, business process, and organizational methodology leveraging best practices. The DORIIS Project is one of the biggest projects in the program’s history. The program has embarked on this massive undertaking in the spirit of continuous process improvement and we invite you to ask questions, make comments, and provide input throughout the implementation process.