Featured Projects

Below is a list of successful grant-funded projects. Select category and the grantee name to obtain project information.

Bar and Restaurants

Azul a Azul--Blue to Blue

Grantee: San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management and Richard Anthony and Associates

Project Description: Bar and Restaurant Beverage Container Recycling Program


Large Venue

Grantee: City of Antioch

Project Description: Lone Tree Golf Course


Grantee: Del Mar Fairgrounds

Project Description: Del Mar Fairgrounds Recycling Program


Recycle Hear

Grantee: G.P.R. in Sacramento

Project Description: "Recycle Hear" Implementing recycling programs in entertainment venues



Grantee: Los Angeles Conservation Corps

Project Description: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Parking Lot and Rose Bowl Beverage Container Collection Program


Market Development & Expansion Grants: Glass

Glass Processing

Grantee: eCullet, Inc.

Project Description: Produce furnace-ready cullet for glass manufacturers


Market Development & Expansion Grants: Plastic

BioHaven Floating Island

Grantee: Floating Island International (FII)

Project Description: Develop a new product from plastics to restore, enhance, and improve water quality in any aquatic environment


Global P.E.T.

Grantee: Global P.E.T..

Project Description: Become a complete manufacturer, producing consumer products from its own feedstock


Thermoforming Equipment

Grantee: Leading Industry, Inc. DBA Pinnacle Plastic Containers

Project Description: Obtain new thermoforming equipment to meet the demand for CRV post-consumer recycled PET material



Grantee: Plastic Recycling Corporation of California (PRCC)

Project Description: Purchase and install Twisters and High Compression Plastic Reductions Systems to improve the quality of CRV PET feedstock at buy-back locations throughout California




Grantee: City of Lakewood

Project Description: Provide recycling programs for multifamily complexes


Grantee: City of Napa

Project Description: Multifamily Recycling Program


Sunset Waste

Grantee: Sunset Waste Systems, Inc.

Project Description: Education, training, implementation, and conveyance of source-separated, commingled CRV materials from individual multifamily units to collection sites located at multifamily complexes