December 1, 2017


To: All Interested Parties

Subject: 2018 Recycling Program Rates

This Notice reports changes to recycling rates, including refund value per segregated pound, refund value per commingled pound, and containers per segregated pound for each type of California recycling program.

In accordance with Public Resources Code Section 14549.5, revised rates for aluminum, glass, plastic, and bimetal beverage containers will be effective January 1, 2018.

Attachment 1

This attachment shows the rates for refund value per pound and containers per pound by program type.

  • Table 1 applies only to recycling centers (RCs) where individual consumer transactions take place.
  • Table 2 applies only to material redeemed through reverse vending machines (RVMs). California Code of Regulations Section §2540(c)(1) requires RVM operators to be reimbursed at the applicable commingled rate. Exceptions can be made upon verification by the Division of Recycling, that the “reverse vending machine distinguishes 100% of the time between empty [CRV] beverage containers and other [non-CRV] containers.”
  • Table 3 applies only to curbside programs (CSs).
  • Table 4 applies only to certified drop-off / collection programs (CPs).
  • Table 5 applies only to community service programs (SPs).

Note to Certified Recycling Centers: If changes to the refund value per segregated pound rates overlap a receipt and log period, complete a Shipping Report (DR-6) for the period with the old rate, and then complete a separate DR-6 for the period with the new rate. Failure to separate the weights may delay your payment, and CalRecycle will only reimburse operators at the lower rate for the entire reporting period.

Attachment 2

This attachment is a refund value conversion chart for use by RC operators only, which reflects the refund values to be paid for consumer transactions. This chart provides refund values based on weight received, rounded to the nearest one-tenth of a pound. This chart is not for curbside, drop-off / collection, or community service program transactions, or for materials redeemed through a reverse vending machine.

Attachment 3

This attachment provides January 1, 2018 Individual Commingled Rate Survey Program (ICRS) Refund Values per Pound for qualified programs, and is used to determine correct payment to applicable curbside, drop-off / collection, and community service programs.

All qualified curbside, drop-off / collection, and community service programs not listed on Attachment 3 will receive payment at the statewide average refund value per commingled pound rates for all material types.

Please note that the ICRS program was suspended via Notice dated August 29, 2012. CalRecycle authorized continued extension of rates for participants who earned Individual Commingled Rates for the 2013 calendar year. For participants who continue to qualify, Individual Commingled Rates will remain in effect until further notice.

ICRS Program Note: If you spot issues with Attachment 3, such as missing programs, or programs which may no longer be eligible for ICRS rates (e.g., decertified programs, expired or revised contracts, modified sorting or baling standards, changed processing or sorting facilities, etc.), please contact CalRecycle’s ICRS Program Coordinator, Michael Vanderburg, at, or (916) 327-2769.

If you have questions regarding this Notice or these rates, please contact me (Mike Miller) at, or (916) 323-0713.

Send written comments to:

CalRecycle, Division of Recycling
801 K St., MS 17-24
Sacramento, CA 95814.

Thank you.

Mike Miller, Chief
Division of Recycling
Operations Branch


  • Attachment 1: Payment of California Refund Value Effective Date: January 1, 2018
  • Attachment 2: California Refund Value (CRV) Per Pound--Conversion Chart for Recycling Centers Only Effective Date: January 1, 2018
  • Attachment 3: Individual commingled Rate Survey Program (ICRS) Refund Values per Pound

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