The ongoing challenge in California is to continue to develop viable markets for postconsumer carpet. Since passage of the AB 2398, the amount of carpet diverted from landfill disposal and sent to beneficial end uses has increased in California. An infrastructure to capture, process, and develop new products from these recovered materials is essential to diverting more postconsumer carpets from landfills.

In order to make these markets sustainable, there needs to be a reliable flow of materials to producers who make new products, sufficient capacity at each link in the process, diverse product lines to accommodate the ups and downs of sales, and new technologies that improve production. In other words, there is a product chain and each link in the chain needs to operate well.

Building strong sustainable markets in California can also increase the intrinsic value of waste carpet as a raw material and further increase demand for these materials.

The following websites provide resources and ideas for development of markets for postconsumer carpet: