The following contacts can provide more information about the climate change response activities being pursued by CalRecycle and other State agencies:

Climate Change Contacts
Position or TopicNamePhone
Branch Chief, Statewide Technical and Analytical ResourcesBrenda Smyth, CalRecycle916-341-6605
Supervising Integrated Waste Management SpecialistClark Williams, CalRecycle916-341-6488
Scott Beckner, CalRecycle916-341-6595
Senior Integrated Waste Management SpecialistTeri Wion, CalRecycle916-341-6374
Landfill Methane ControlGino Yekta, CalRecycle916-341-6354
Renaldo Crooks, Air Resources Board916-327-5618
Commercial Recycling
Marshalle Graham, CalRecycle916-321-6270
Composting and Other Organic ProductsRobert Horowitz, CalRecycle916-341-6452
Lea Yamashita, Air Resources Board916-323-0017
Anaerobic DigestionJacques Franco, CalRecycle916-341-6608
Ken Decio, CalRecycle916-341-6313
Extended Producer ResponsibilityKathy Frevert, CalRecycle916-341-6476
Cynthia Dunn, CalRecycle916-341-6449
Environmentally Preferable PurchasingKathy Frevert, CalRecycle916-341-6476
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Landfill GasGino Yekta, CalRecycle916-341-6354
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