For general public inquiries, please call us at 1-800-Recycle (732-9253). The list below provides contact information and links for CalRecycle's major programs. The CalEPA-Wide Staff Directory provides a search to find contact information for individual CalRecycle staff.

The links on the left take you to additional contact and feedback sites for the department.

Programs and OfficesPhone*Email
General Information
Main Switchboard(916) 322-4027 
Main Toll-Free Number800-RECYCLE (732-9253)
Complaints About Recycling Centers/Option A Retailers
Office of Public Affairs(916)
Public Records Requests(916)
Human Resources Office(916)
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Office(916)
Recruitment (916)
International Delegations
Contacts by Jurisdiction or County
Local Assistance Contacts (CalRecycle staff and local jurisdictions)
Local Enforcement Agencies (LEA)  
CalRecycle Staff Contacts for Local Enforcement Agencies  
Program Information
Beverage Container Recycling(916) 323-3836 
Buy Recycled Program(916) 341-6199 
Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Recycling Program(916)
Grant Programs(916)
Organic Materials Management Contacts
Recycling Center Complaints
Recycling Market Development Zones  
Schools Program(916)
State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign(916)
State Agency Waste Reduction(916)
Tire Program Contacts  
Used Oil Recycling Program(916) 341-6457 
Waste Reduction Business Assistance
Organizational Units
Administration, Finance, and Information Technology Services Division  
Executive Office(916) 322-4025 
Legal Office(916) 327-0089 
Legislative and External Affairs Office(916)
Public Affairs Office(916)
Audits and Program Evaluation Office(916)
Policy Development and Analysis Office  
Division of Recycling (Beverage Container Program)(916) 323-3836 
Materials Management and Local Assistance Division(916) 341-6500 
Waste Permitting, Compliance, and Mitigation Division(916) 341-6360