Below is a list of the attachments referenced in the Integrated Waste Management Disaster Plan. Those that are still available on line have links in the list below.

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. Asbestos Guidance
  3. Asphalt Pavement Recycling
  4. Building Demolition Flowchart, City of Los Angeles.
  5. Materials Exchanges
  6. CHEMTREC brochure
  7. City of Los Angeles Authorization Letter
  8. City of Los Angeles Damage Survey Report for Recycling Program.
  9. City of Los Angeles Demolition Contract
  10. City of Los Angeles Unit Price Contract
  11. City of Santa Clarita Ordinance No. 94-01E
  12. City of Santa Clarita Permit for Temporary Storage Site
  13. CIWMB Fact Sheets
  14. Construction Product Approval Process
  15. Curbside Pickup Site Identification
  16. Drywall Recycling fact sheet and Urban Wood Waste page
  17. Earthquake Building Material Salvage Report, Humboldt County Environmental Health, April 1992
  18. Emergency Waiver of Standards Regulations
  19. EPA's Role in the Federal Response Plan, Fact Sheet, 550-F-006, May 1995
  20. Fact Sheet, Asbestos
  21. CalTrans and Recycled Construction Products fact sheet
  22. Recycled Aggregate fact sheet
  23. Federal Debris Removal Criteria
  24. Federal Debris Removal Guidelines
  25. Federal Public Assistance Building Demolition Program guidelines
  26. Hazard Mitigation Program Description, Office of Emergency Services
  27. Job Site Source Separation fact sheet
  28. List of Local Enforcement Agencies
  29. List of national waste exchanges
  30. List of OES Regional Offices
  31. List of ordinances
  32. Los Angeles Earthquake Recycling efforts
    1. Summary memo dated April 18, 1994
    2. Table 1A showing tonnage to recycling facilities and percentage recycled at those facilities as of June 7, 1994
    3. February 10, 1994 and February 11, 1994 internal memos used to brief OES/FEMA staff regarding existing policy of recycling to justify spending more than least cost if necessary
    4. Damage Survey Report written by the Office of Emergency Services (OES) agreeing to training, implementation, monitoring costs for recycling programs
  33. Map of Mutual Aid Regions
  34. Memo from Richard Andrews, Director, regarding State Funding for Public Assistance Projects
  35. Model Lump Sum Contract
  36. Model Mutual Aid Agreement
  37. Model Mutual Aid Agreement form.
  38. Model Time and Material Contract
  39. Model Unit Price Contract
  40. Processing techniques and equipment
  41. Recycled Aggregate fact sheet
  42. Recycled-Content Construction Products Fact Sheet
  43. Regulation Guidance, Lead Painted Building Debris, Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) June 13, 1994
  44. Regulations Governing Disaster Assistance
  45. Right of Entry Agreement; Waiver of Liability
  46. Sample demolition plan, City of Los Angeles' July 1995, demolition contract
  47. Sample waiver release form for property owners, City of Los Angeles
  48. Sonoma County Checklist
  49. Town of Los Gatos Ordinance No. 1800
  50. References