Consideration of General Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Policy Options

At the September 19, 2007 Board meeting, the California Integrated Waste Management Board (Board) adopted an overall Framework for Extended Producer Responsibility as a policy priority. The Board also directed staff to solicit input on the framework from the broad stakeholder community. To this end, staff conducted a public stakeholder consultation workshop on November 14, 2007.

  • Agenda Item 12
  • Attachment 1: Overall Framework for an Extended Producer Responsibility System in California. This document compiles staff recommendations for Board consideration as a policy objective.
  • Attachment 2: Analysis for a California Extended Producer Responsibility Framework. This document contains staff's more detailed analysis and recommendations on EPR Framework approaches that form the basis of Attachment 1.
  • Attachment 3: Analysis of Priority Product Selection. This document covers preliminary product selection methodology, including selection criteria, and preliminary products identified using the methodology. The Board requested staff to consider priority products for product stewardship programs at the June 5, 2007, Strategic Policy Development Committee Meeting.