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California’s landmark legislation, the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003, and associated regulations establish a funding system for the collection and recycling of certain electronic wastes. This system, the covered electronic waste (CEW) recovery and recycling program, is intended to provide all Californian’s convenient recycling opportunities for unwanted electronics.

Key Elements of the Program

For Participants

  • News & Events
    Listserv subscription, contact information, and news about upcoming and past workshops.
  • List of Approved Collectors and Recyclers
    A search tool for verifying the real-time approval status of CEW system participants and finding approved participant identification numbers and contact information.
  • Documents, Forms, and Resources Supporting Participants
    This collection of forms can be used by participants to comply with requirements regarding applications, recordkeeping, data collection, claims preparation, etc.
  • Weighmaster Enforcement Program (WEP)
    CalRecycle has established an interagency agreement (IAA) with the Department of Food and Agriculture’s Weighmaster Enforcement Program to survey, audit, inspect, and, as necessary, investigate compliance with applicable Weighmaster laws.
  • Net Cost Reports Are Due March 1
    In order to properly set the recovery and recycling payments rates, CalRecycle must evaluate the costs incurred by approved participants when conducting CEW collection and recycling activities. An important tool in this evaluation is the Net Cost Report annually required of all participants.
  • Covered Electronic Waste Information System (CEWIS) Portal
    A tool for approved participants to view their CEW volumes collected/processed and submit net cost reports.
  • Collector Outreach Initiative
    CalRecycle has provided an informative flyer for participants to distribute to parties discarding their CEW. The flyer helps memorialize the transaction and explains why their personal information is needed for source documentation. English and Spanish versions are available for download with other languages available upon request.