CalRecycle has a variety of resources available to assist participants in the Covered Electronic Waste (CEW) Recycling Program (program). These are intended to ease compliance with regulations adopted to implement portions of landmark legislation that established a funding system for the collection and recycling of certain electronic wastes. Prospective collectors and recyclers must be approved prior to participation.

The information provided below does not substitute for a thorough understanding of all program requirements. Prospective participants are urged to familiarize themselves with applicable statutes and regulations.

CEW Recycling Program Application Forms to Participate

There are three unique application forms provided below, as well as an authorized staff update form. The three Application for Approval forms are intended to be submitted by either a collector (CalRecycle 186C), a dual entity (CalRecycle 186D), or a recycler (CalRecycle 186R). The definitions and requirements for collectors, dual entities and recyclers are outlined in regulations. All interested parties should thoroughly review the regulatory requirements and comply with the applicable Department of Toxic Substances Control's (DTSC) requirements regarding notification and inspections prior to applying.

Prospective participants can complete the application electronically by using the fillable PDF feature (or by printing legibly in permanent ink) and the signed application can be submitted electronically via email to; however, submissions received electronically cannot be finalized until CalRecycle receives the hardcopy with original signatures at the mailing address noted on the form. Approved applications remain valid for two years following the date of approval as long as the approved participant continues to meet and fulfil the requirements of Chapter 526, Statutes of 2003. Approved participants in the program must keep CalRecycle informed of any changes to information contained on the approved application, which includes facility and operational status, locations, and personnel. Failure to do so may result in revocation of approval.

Form/DateDownload FormatFor Use ByDescription
Application for Approval: Collector (CalRecycle 186C)

Last revised: May 2020

CalRecycle 186C (PDF)

Prospective Collectors or Collectors for Renewal

Use this form to apply to participate as only an approved collector.

Application for Approval: Dual Entity (CalRecycle 186D)

Last revised: May 2020

CalRecycle 186D (PDF)

Prospective Dual Entities or Dual Entities for Renewal

Use this form to apply to participate as both an approved collector and approved recycler.

Application for Approval: Recycler (CalRecycle 186R)

Last revised: May 2020

CalRecycle 186R (PDF)

Prospective Recyclers or Recyclers for Renewal

Use this form to apply to participate as only an approved recycler.
Authorized Signatory Update (CalRecycle 186S)

Last revised: May 2020

CalRecycle 186S (PDF)

Collectors, Dual Entities or Recyclers updating signatories

Use this form to notify CalRecycle of changes to authorized signatories within the two-year application approval term. If a change is made to the Primary Signatory, a complete CalRecycle 186C, 186R, or 186D application form will be required to encompass the acknowledgment of the certification statements noted on the application.

Payee Data Record (STD 204)

Last revised: March 2021

Form 204 (PDF)

Prospective Dual Entities and Recyclers or Dual Entities and Recyclers for Renewal

Use this form to provide CalRecycle the information necessary to prepare the Internal Revenue Service Form 1099 Miscellaneous Income documentation. This form should accompany only dual entity (186D) or recycler (186R) applications.

CEW Recycling Program Collection and Recycling Forms and Documents

The following are forms and documents to support Approved Recyclers' and Approved Collectors' participation in the payment system. These materials are provided as guidance and do not relieve participants of any other data, information or record maintenance requirements contained in regulation or statute. While use of the forms are not mandatory, participants must provide equivalent information in supporting documentation and submit as part of a complete payment claim package. The forms below are listed in the order they should be organized in a claim.

Form/DateDownload FormatFor Use ByDescription
Covered Electronic Waste Recycling Payment Claim
(CalRecycle 196)
Last revised: January 2020

CalRecycle 196 (PDF)

CalRecycle 196 Instructions (PDF)


Approved RecyclersUse this form for each Reporting Month within which payment is claimed. Information on this form includes calculation of payment claim, indication of supporting documents attached to the claim, and declarations and signatures of authorized agents. All applicable forms included below (or equivalent documentation) must accompany this form to make a complete payment claim package.
Worksheet A: Covered Electronic Waste Recycling Payment Claim (Cancellation of CRT CEWs)
(CalRecycle 196A) 
Last revised: January 2020

CalRecycle 196A (PDF)

CalRecycle 196A Instructions (PDF)

Approved RecyclersUse this form if the Approved Recycler cancels CRT CEWs. Information documented will include the type of cancellation method used, calculation of payment, post-cancellation disposition of glass cullet or bare CRTs, and weights of treatment residuals.

Worksheet B: Covered Electronic Waste Recycling Payment Claim (Cancellation of Non-CRT CEWs)
(CalRecycle 196B)
Last revised: January 2020

CalRecycle 196B (PDF)

CalRecycle 196B Instructions (PDF)

Approved Recyclers

Use this form if the Approved Recycler cancels Non-CRT CEWs. Information documented will include calculation of payment, post-cancellation disposition of Bare Plasma Panels and LCD Lamps and weights of treatment residuals.  

Covered Electronic Waste Transfer Summary
(CalRecycle 197S)
Last revised: January 2020

CalRecycle 197S (PDF)

CalRecycle 197S Instructions (PDF)

Approved RecyclersUse this form to summarize CEW transactions between Approved Collectors and an Approved Recycler as documented on all Covered Electronic Waste Transfer Receipts (CalRecycle 197s). The form summarizes unit and weight transfers by Approved Collectors.
Covered Electronic Waste Transfer Receipt
(CalRecycle 197)
Last revised: January 2020

CalRecycle 197 (PDF)

CalRecycle 197 Instructions (PDF)

Approved Collectors and/or Approved RecyclersUse this form to document the transfer of CEWs between an Approved Collector and an Approved Recycler. The form allows for required declarations and weight verifications.
Covered Electronic Waste Collection Log
(CalRecycle 198)
Last revised: January 2020

CalRecycle 198 (PDF)

CalRecycle 198 Instructions (PDF)

Approved CollectorsUse this form to document required information on all CEWs accepted by the Collector from California sources.
Covered Electronic Waste Source-Anonymous Collection Log
(CalRecycle 198 SA)
Last revised: January 2020

CalRecycle 198SA (PDF)

CalRecycle 198SA Instructions (PDF)

Approved CollectorsUse this form to document the handling of source-anonymous (SA) CEW. SA CEWs must be logged separately from other CEWs. Depending on the circumstances, limitations may apply regarding who may collect SA CEWs.
Proof of Designation
(CalRecycle 184)
Last revised: August 2020
New regulations are effective on October 1, 2020

CalRecycle 184 (PDF)

CalRecycle 184 Instructions (PDF)

Local Government

Use this form as a Proof of Designation (POD) under Title 14 CCR § 18660.49, when initiated by a California Local Government and duly executed by a representative authorized to take action on behalf of that Local Government. A copy of this POD must be transmitted to CalRecycle at least 30 days prior to CEW collection activities conducted under the Designation.

Evidence of this POD must accompany the CEW collection logs associated with CEWs transferred from a Designated Approved Collector to an Approved Recycler, and must also accompany any recycling payment claim that includes CEWs recovered under this Designation. Interested parties should review the applicable regulations and guidance.

Other Related Resources

  • Collector Outreach Initiative
  • CalRecycle has provided an informative flyer for participants to distribute to parties discarding their CEW. The flyer helps memorialize the transaction and explains why their personal information is needed for source documentation. English and Spanish versions are available for download with other languages available upon request.
  • Designated Approved Collector Guidance
  • The Designated Approved Collector provision, as described under Title 14 CCR Chapter 8.2, Article 7 § 18660.47 – 18660.51, provides a means for Local Governments to authorize Approved Collectors to conduct CEW recovery activities under specific circumstances.
  • Information on the Notice of Intent to Handle
    Any entity handling a minimum threshold of discarded cathode ray tubes (CRT) or universal waste electronic devices (UWED) is required to notify the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), regardless of whether they are participating in the SB 20 payment system. Information on the process is available on the DTSC website. Please note that, depending on a handler's activities, other DTSC requirements may apply.
  • Manufacturer Take-Back Program Information
  • The CEW Recycling Program – Manufacturer Payments under Title 14, CCR Section 18660.35 et seq, provides a means for manufacturers to participate in the SB 20 program.
  • Manufacturer Reporting Information
  • Under the Electronic Waste Recycling Act, manufacturers of Covered Electronic Devices (CED) are required to annually report specific information on their covered devices. Manufacturers who must report are those whose brand-named devices are sold in California in the reporting year.
  • Net Cost Reporting Guidance
    Covers the reporting and documentation requirements and provides detailed, line-by-line instructions for completing the Annual CEW Net Cost Report (Form 220) and Net Cost Estimation Worksheets for Collectors (Form 220C) and Recyclers (Form 220R).

As CalRecycle, in consultation with the DTSC, works to implement this important legislation, more information will be available through this website. Note that any guidance provided by CalRecycle should not substitute for careful reading of the original statute or subsequent regulations. Interested parties are encouraged to check back often, or subscribe to an email newsletter to be kept apprised of developments and events.

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