As CalRecycle works to compile and provide guidance materials for locally operated electronics management programs, we will post items of interest and topical significance here.

Draft ReportLocal Government Survey of Issues Regarding CRT Management Prepared by:
Sharon Dowell, County of Santa Clara Department of Environmental Health

In April and May 2002, CalRecycle administered a survey to local government to assess needs for Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) collection and recycling programs. The survey was directed both at local government agencies responsible for implementing e-waste management programs and for environmental compliance programs. CalRecycle staff compiled results of this survey. Under a contract for development of Best Management Practices and public education materials for E-waste, these results have been summarized to determine priorities for assistance needs of local government. Comments should be directed to Sharon Dowell.

Looking for places to take your e-waste? Check out the Electronic Product Management Directory (EPMD) compiled and maintained by CalRecycle staff.

HHW Grants
The Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Grant Program is open to California cities, counties, and local agencies with direct responsibility for waste management. Grant applications are accepted for a set period of time each year. The grants are competitive and project eligibility criteria is often revised for each grant cycle. E-waste projects were eligible for funding for the 2003-2004 grant cycle.

E-Waste Recycler Audit
Is you community developing a contract for electronics recycling services? For tips on how to evaluate an electronics recycler, read "Preventive Medicine," an article written by Lauren S. Roman of United Recycling Technologies and published by the Recycling Today Media Group,

Conference and workshops on electronic waste are included on the Events page. A variety of conferences hold sessions on electronic waste, including household hazardous waste (HHW), pollution prevention, local enforcement agency, solid waste and recycling conferences.

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