Effective January 2015, CalRecycle has established an interagency agreement (IAA) with the Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), Division of Measurement Standards (DMS), Weighmaster Enforcement Program (WEP). The intent of this IAA is to survey, audit, inspect, and, as necessary, investigate compliance with applicable Weighmaster laws governing material transactions within the state. The IAA will allow the WEP to further focus on the electronic waste management industry as a whole and participants in the covered electronic waste (CEW) program in particular. With payments in the CEW recovery and recycling program based on weight, and with other associated rules requiring counts, it is vital that these measures are determined and recorded compliantly.


  • Weighmaster Enforcement Program (WEP)
    Overview of the Weighmaster Enforcement Program and links to useful resources. Note that applicability of Weighmaster rules are determined by the activities conducted and not necessarily limited to particular categories of organizations (e.g. approved CEW recyclers).
  • CEW Program Regulations
    Links to 14 CCR 18660.21 (Requirements for an Approved Recycler) that specifies current obligations for approved recyclers to be a licensed Weighmaster within the CEW program.
  • Weighmaster Complaint Form
    Links to the CDFA Weighmaster Enforcement Program complaint form, to be used for instances of suspected noncompliance. Complete the form with as much information as possible, including the name of the organization in the address section. Attach the complaint form and any supporting documents to an email and send to:

As CalRecycle, in collaboration with CDFA/DMS/WEP, works to improve compliance with applicable rules within California’s electronic waste recycling community, more information will be available through this website. Note that any guidance provided by CalRecycle should not substitute for careful reading of the original statutes or regulations. Interested parties are encouraged to check back often, or subscribe to an email newsletter to be kept apprised of developments and events.