1. Communities in General
    CalRecycle strives to inform all communities about the department’s goals and programs. It is essential that Californians are informed about recycling opportunities and understand why recycling is important. CalRecycle aims to ensure that all communities have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on policies and procedures, and to consider and respond to those inquiries and comments. Enhanced communication not only improves community participation in CalRecycle programs and in the decision-making process, but contributes to the achievement of the state’s recycling goals, including the 75 percent recycling goal and the organic waste reduction targets established by SB 1383.
  2. Partners (Regulated Communities)
    The department aims to ensure that regulated entities, including operators, understand their regulatory responsibilities. Ensuring that CalRecycle communicates with, and provides training for, operators in their dominant language is vital for interrelated success.
  3. Sites and Facilities
    To the degree the department is able, and with consideration of applicable statutes and regulations, and the roles of local governments, CalRecycle aims to ensure sites and facilities are not negatively impacting overburdened communities.

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