Below is a list of grant programs and the staff contacts assigned to each of them, or you may send an email to

Grant Cycle NameStaff Contact
Beverage Container Recycling GrantApplication Process: Melissa Sanford
Grant-Specific: Duartina Johnson
Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and AbatementApplication Process: Danielle Abila
Grant-Specific: Stephanie Becker
Food Waste Prevention and RescueApplication Process: Cara Rothenbaum
Grant Specific: Alex Grewal
Household Hazardous WasteApplication Process: Jayme Tesser
Grant-Specific: Matt Fong
Local Conservation Corps Application Process: Cara Rothenbaum
Grant Specific: Derek Link
Local Enforcement AgenciesApplication Process: Melissa Sanford  
Grant-Specific: Wendy Box
Local Government Waste Tire AmnestyApplication Process: Danielle Abila
Grant-Specific:  Cathy Aggergaard
Local Government Waste Tire CleanupApplication Process: Danielle Abila
Grant-Specific:  Cathy Aggergaard
OrganicsApplication Process: Cara Rothenbaum
Grant-Specific: Chan Saechao
Recycled Fiber, Plastic, and GlassApplication Process: Danielle Abila
Grant-Specific: Stanley Uyeda
Rubberized PavementApplication Process: Jayme Tesser
Grant-Specific: Loreto Tamondong
Solid Waste Disposal and Codisposal Site Cleanup Program  Application Process: Jayme Tesser
Grant-Specific: Steve Santa Croce
Tire-Derived AggregateApplication Process: Melissa Sanford
Grant-Specific: Loreto Tamondong
Tire-Derived ProductsApplication Process: Danielle Abila
Grant-Specific: Noel Davis
Tire Incentive ProgramApplication Process: Cara Rothenbaum
Grant-Specific: Nicholas Amante
Used Oil CompetitiveApplication Process: Danielle Abila
Grant-Specific: Ashraf Batavia
Waste Tire EnforcementApplication Process: Jayme Tesser
Grant-Specific: Phanessa Fong

If you are unable to contact staff listed above, please contact Cara Rothenbaum.