Categories | Minimum Requirements

The list of premium ideas is to assist grantees in making selections that are:

  • Durable and not disposed of in a short time (i.e. balloons)

  • Seen on a regular basis

  • Appropriate for your target audience

  • Not contributing to the household hazardous waste stream (i.e. items containing batteries)

Premiums are meant as an integral part of your outreach efforts and are used as an effective means of communicating and reaching the do-it-yourselfers. However, they should not be the sole source of publicity and education for outreach. If premiums are improperly used, auditors may consider them a "gift of public funds" and would require the repayment of grant funds.


Sample premiums are organized into the categories linked below. Within each category, one or more individual items will be listed. To see a picture of an item, select the clearinghouse identification number (CHID). Use your browser's "back" button to return.

Before placing the order, please refer to cycle guidelines or check with your program advisor for most current requirements.

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