July 2018 Members

Matt Carr, California District Attorneys Assoc. (mcarr@cdaa.org)

Frank Chin, County of Los Angeles – County Engineers Assoc. (FCHIN@dpw.lacounty.gov)

Nick Cronenwett, California State Association of Counties (ncronenwett@counties.org)

Mark de Bie, CalRecycle (mark.debie@calrecycle.ca.gov)

Grant Eisen, Nevada Co., California Haz Mat Investigators Assoc. (grant.eisen@co.nevada.ca.us)

Maria Ferdin, Monterey County Illegal Dumping Task Force (Ferdinme@co.monterey.ca.us)

Christine Flowers, Keep California Beautiful (christine@CFenviro.com)

Gary Harris, City of Los Angeles Code Enforcement (gary.harris@lacity.org)

Harriet Hill, Public Member (hhill@co.humboldt.ca.us)

Rob Hutsel, San Diego River Park Foundation (rhutsel@sandiegoriver.org)

Russell Joyce, City of San Jose Code Enforcement (Russell.joyce@sanjoseca.gov)

Kathy Lynch/Veronica Prado, California Refuse Recycling Council (lynch@lynchlobby.com)

Avneet Mahil, Stanislaus County - Solid Waste Assoc. of North America (AMAHIL@envres.org)

Eva Mann, City of Richmond Code Enforcement (eva_mann@ci.richmond.ca.us)

Trent Manning, CalTrans (trent_manning@dot.ca.gov)

Etienne Ozorak, Sacramento Co – Waste Management Authority (ozorake@saccounty.net)

Larry Notheis, California Conservation Corps (larry.notheis@ccc.ca.gov)

Jason Rhine, League of California Cities (jrhine@cacities.org)

Dave Sikich, Atlas Disposal- Waste Management Industry (Dave@atlasdisposal.com)

Larry Sweetser, Environmental Services Joint Powers Agreement (sweetser@aol.com)

Terri Williams, California Conf. of Dir. Environmental Health (twilliams@ph.lacounty.gov)

Cookie Robles-Wong, City of Oakland Public Works, Env. Svs. (crobles-wong@oaklandnet.com)

Vacant, Californians Against Waste


Previous Committee Members 2010

Matt Carr, Prosecuting Attorney (mcarr@cdaa.org)
Representing: California District Attorneys Association

Susan Klassen, Deputy Director (sklassen@sonoma-county.org)
Sonoma County Department of Public Works, Transportation Division
Representing: County Engineers Association of California

Cara Martinson, Legislative Analyst (cmartinson@counties.org)
Representing: California State Association of Counties

Kyra Ross, Legislative Representative (kross@cacities.org)
Representing: League of California Cities

Gary Harris, Chief Investigator (gary.harris@lacity.org)
Los Angeles City Bureau of Street Services
Representing: City Code Enforcement

Christine Flowers, Executive Director (cflowers@keepcabeautiful.org)
Representing: Keep California Beautiful

Larry Sweetser, Principal (sweetser@aol.com)
Sweetser & Associates
Representing: Environmental Services Joint Powers Agreement

Grant Eisen, Environmental Specialist III (grant.eisen@co.nevada.ca.us)
Nevada County Community Development Agency
Representing: California Hazardous Materials Investigators Association

George Valdes, Supervising Investigator (george.valdes@fresno.gov)
Fresno City Code Enforcement
Representing: City Code Enforcement

Tod Kimmelshue (Tod.Kimmelshue@norcalfc.com)
Representing: California Farm Bureau Federation

Stanton Lange, Vineyard Management (stanton@langevineyards.com)
Representing: Public Member

Ted Terrasas, Senior Specialist (terrasasTJ@co.monterey.ca.us)
Monterey County Environmental Health Division
Representing: Monterey County Illegal Dumping & Litter Task Force

Chuck White, Director, Regulatory Affairs (cwhite1@wm.com)
Waste Management, Inc.
Representing: Private Waste Management

John Watkins, Deputy Director (JWatkins@rivocha.org)
Riverside County Department of Environmental Health
Representing: California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health and Riverside County Illegal Dumping Task Force

Trent Manning, Program Manager (trent_manning@dot.ca.gov)
California Department of Transportation, Litter Programs
Representing: CalTrans

David Pang, Administrative Assistant III (dpang@dpw.lacounty.org)
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Representing: Antelope Valley Illegal Dumping Task Force

Dexter English, Clean Community Supervisor (denglish@oaklandnet.com)
City of Oakland Public Works Agency
Representing: City Managers Association

Bill Mannel, Solid Waste Manager (bmannel@buttecounty.net)
Butte County Department of Public Works
Representing: Solid Waste Association of North America/Public Solid Waste Management

Evan Edgar, Director, Regulatory Affairs (evan@edgarinc.org)
Alternate: Kathryn Lynch (lynch@lynchlobby.com)
Representing: California Refuse Recycling Council

Susan Sykes, Vessel Abatement Programs Analyst (sskyes@dbw.ca.gov)
Department of Boating and Waterways, Abandoned Vessel Grant Program
Representing: Department of Boating and Waterways

Scott Walker, Chief (Scott.Walker@calrecycle.ca.gov)
Engineering Support Branch
Representing: CalRecycle

Lakesh Bali, Projects Manager (lbali@richmondpd.net)
Representing: City of Richmond Police Department