To All Local Enforcement Agencies:

The attached Department of Toxic Substances (DTSC) memo will assist you to inform the operators and businesses in your jurisdiction about the recent policy decision regarding the disposal of recalled vinyl mini-blinds. The DTSC analysis of the vinyl miniblinds showed that although they do contain concentrations of lead which categorize them as hazardous waste, there exists a greater hazard to children if they are left in place.

Residential Disposal

The DTSC encourages disposal of these mini-blinds at local household hazardous waste collection events, however they may be disposed of in a plastic bag along with the regular household trash.

Business Disposal

Vinyl mini-blinds from businesses must be disposed as hazardous waste unless exempt under Federal law. A business would qualify as a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator if during a single month the business generates less than 100 kg. (~220 lbs.) of hazardous waste (mini-blinds plus any other hazardous waste generated on site).

If you have any questions contact Dr. Sangat Kals of DTSC.


Original signed by:

Deputy Director
Permitting and Enforcement Division

Attachment: Department of Toxic Substances Control Memo: Management of Recalled Mini-Blinds

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