Landfill Application Waste Type(s) UsedComments
Alternative Daily CoverProcessed Green Material

Sewage and Water Treatment Sludge

Ash & Cement Kiln Dust Materials

Auto Shredder Waste

Compost Materials

Contaminated Dredge Spoils, Foundry Sands

Processed Energy Exploration & Production Wastes

Construction & Demolition Wastes

Shredded Tires

Contaminated Soils

Use is subject to 27 CCR 20690 (See LEA Advisory #48).

Contact Scott Walker 916-341-6319 for specific technical information on these ADC materials and landfills using waste-derived ADC materials. Use of waste-derived ADC materials other than those listed as specified in the regulations is allowed for if a site-specific demonstration project is conducted (example- MRF fines). Additional guidance provided in CIWMB Publication 212-97-024 "Shredded Tires as Alternative Daily Cover at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills".

Alternative Intermediate CoverSee LEA Advisory #48Use is subject to 27 CCR 20680 (See LEA Advisory #48).

Site-specific demonstration projects required.

Final Cover Foundation LayerConstruction & Demolition Wastes (select & processed)

Shredded Tires


Contaminated Soils

Common end use is subject to 27 CCR 21090(a)(1) and 21140. Should be addressed in closure and postclosure maintenance plans (27 CCR Chapter 4, Subchapter 4). Primary functions are to level base grades and provide a stable base for low permeability layer. CIWMB test pad project and publication on shredded tire application.
Liner Operations LayerConstruction & Demolition Wastes (select & processed) Shredded Tires

Contaminated Soils

Use is subject to 27 CCR 20330. Primary function is to protect leachate collection and removal system and low permeability components from overlying waste while allowing through flow of leachate to collection system. CIWMB test pad project and publication on shredded tire application.
Leachate and Landfill Gas Collection SystemConstruction & Demolition Wastes (aggregate)

Shredded Tires

Use is subject to 27 CCR 20340 (leachate) and 20937 (gas).

CIWMB test pad project (LCRS) and publication on shredded tire application.

Construction FillConstruction & Demolition Wastes (select & processed)

Shredded and Baled Tires

Contaminated Soils

Stabilized Waste Materials (e.g. ashes, sludges)

Use varies based on fill specifications needed. Normally applicable for inert materials only (27 CCR 20230).
Road BaseConstruction & Demolition Wastes (aggregate)

Stabilized Waste Materials (e.g. ashes)

Typically use crushed concrete, asphalt, masonry. For more information, see CIWMB Publication 431-95-052.
Wet Weather Operations Pads and Access RoadsConstruction & Demolition Wastes (select & processed)

Stabilized Waste Materials (e.g. ashes)

Wet weather pads are a very common end use for inert C&D in California. Typically use mainly inert rubble (concrete, asphalt, masonry) mixed with soil to provide a firm and stable base for all weather waste tipping areas and access roads.
Daily Cell Litter Control BarriersBaled TiresApplication currently being tested- incorporated in fill area as cells develop.
Soil Amendments for Erosion Control & Landscaping (All disturbed or graded areas including Intermediate & Final Cover)Processed Green Material

Wood Waste

Sewage Sludge

Compost Materials

Use based on site and material specific characteristics and soil agronomic needs. Sewage sludge guidance provided in EPA/625/R-95/001 and EPA/625/R-95/002.

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